I was a big cry baby when I got bullied often, but after a while some of the insults just sound so random that I wasn’t sure if the last one was really an insult? Ey, Obama ain’t perfect but I love the guy okay? A gal can dream pfft-

What’s the weirdest insult someone ever given you?



For someone who grows up in Hong Kong and can’t speak Chinese, and as a filipino who can’t speak tagalog.. It’s interesting to hear people’s ‘astonishment’ on how amazing I am at English; well the truth is I still struggle with it; I mean my vocabulary is not as vast as many people, but suddenly I’m really good at english speaking just cause I’m a minority well okay then.

If people don’t say “your English is good!” and ask “Why?”…I mean it’s not impossible for anyone to be raised watching varieties of english TV shows, and movies and be self-taught from there. And apparently if you’re a filipino speaking English in the country, it’s an insult! Even if you’re comfortable enough to speak english, many pilipinos prefer not to, cause if they do, it shows they’re “not proud enough” being filipino.

There were even incidents where mom and I just casually talked while these chinese residents give us indirect judgemental stares; and my mom doesn’t speak the language, but she can actually understand it, so she would whisper to me “those ladies are snooting at us for speaking english; look they’re even trying to speak english right now!”

Good lord, it’s NOT a contest and since when is it people’s business what language you speak; respect mine and I’ll respect yours jeez.