I probably forgotten every technique of riding bike by now. The bike was a gift from my dad and I barely rode it cause as a kid I usually loved staying indoors (still do). One time my mom took me to the park and I thought “you know what??? I’m gonna learn how to bike today!”

I’ve always been terrible at balancing so biking has never been my strong suit, but I remember that triumphe moment when I finally got it right and was super happy!! I was listening to Adam Lambert though my victory..

..then of course I hit myself against a pole; the comic is a bit of an exaggeration to what actually happened so I wasn’t that badly hurt. But I did fall haha! XD Mom was there to help so I was fine. Hopefully I can ride a bike again.


Uhm yes I’m hungry.

i'm hungry.png

Not much of a story but I guess you could say I used to get bullied and teased a lot back in my middle and highschool days. I used to be a huge cry baby for a lot of things but otherwise there were just some things that were..really stupid as if bullies didn’t even wanna try hard enough to make fun of you.

This guy, we’ll call David(to avoid using his real name), he was this tall string bean that always tried to find ways to blow my fuse; this was the time we were at a school trip, and we spent our last hours at mcDonald’s. Him and a couple of his friend kept eyeing at me with their laughters and hand gestures, micmicking me eating loads of fries.

I get that there are such things as manners right? But otherwise, yeah, I love eating a lot of fries at once, biiig deal. Score. 😐 Some people are really just bored huh?

Speaking of hungry, I gotta make some food soon!

I’m not just an artist.

an artist or friend

It seems some people only like me for drawing, and want to be my friend just I might draw them something. I appreciate more when people enjoy my work and also want to get to know me, and laugh about crazy things just like any other person.


Here you have a pile of nonsense of my mess of my life as I presevere through the unholy battles of pain and self-doubt HAH! (I swear I’m okay)

I love getting a littler personal with my community, whether it’s an embarrassing story back in school, or my opinion of social norms and self-validation. However, I won’t be making my life stories that often on the channel, I would like frequently make posts for those little mysteries in this site!

Up Close and Personal will consist of my scrambled egg brain and my opinions as I observe the world’s chaos.