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A little dedication to my favorite series, Teen Wolf, and also to my favorite actor Dylan O’Brien who played Stiles Stilinski. Words cannot define how much I love season 3 and its’ overaching story of Stiles’ and his darkness within. I especially love the amount of research the writers and producers did for the Japanese lores such as the “Oni” and the history of “kitsune” and “nogitsune”

Thank you Jeff Davis for such a wonderful series, and bless the hilarious cast and crew, Teen Wolf forever has a place in my heart. ❤


After 5 days of hard work (andemotionallydying), I’m super happy to finally do animatics again!! I’ve been wanting to make some based on my boys the Kirkstone twns.

My friend Delsin and I have been headcanoning their voices for a long time now, and Danny and Arin have always reminded us of my characters; not only the voices are quite accurate, but their personalities as well!

Besides that, I love Game Grumps every since, and I guess you could say this is also a little tribute to one of my favorite gameplays ever from them; Super Mario 3D World. I know it’s long ago but everytime I watch this playthrough, it never ceased to make me laugh harder each episode hahaha!!

You should go check out their channel, they’re super hilarious dudes 🙂


Here you have a pile of nonsense of my mess of my life as I presevere through the unholy battles of pain and self-doubt HAH! (I swear I’m okay)

I love getting a littler personal with my community, whether it’s an embarrassing story back in school, or my opinion of social norms and self-validation. However, I won’t be making my life stories that often on the channel, I would like frequently make posts for those little mysteries in this site!

Up Close and Personal will consist of my scrambled egg brain and my opinions as I observe the world’s chaos.


I don’t usually make speed draws, however it’s always nice to watch an idea come to life! Which is why I try my best to record everything I draw to make use of it as content in the future ^^ (you can thank my mom for constantly reminding me)