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okay maybe I exaggerate it a little bit, but yeah a lot of kiddos know the game of lava terror, there was so many of these black squares at the shopping center that are perfect for practicing jumps,, especially for me cause i was so small,, still am hah 🙂

we really do have such crazy imagination as kids! What was your favorite childhood game?





I was a big cry baby when I got bullied often, but after a while some of the insults just sound so random that I wasn’t sure if the last one was really an insult? Ey, Obama ain’t perfect but I love the guy okay? A gal can dream pfft-

What’s the weirdest insult someone ever given you?

little fWEAK

little freak

I used to love barbies as a child!… I also used to love ripping them apart. Remembering that part of my child, it’s so weird that we as children had such violent tendencies at a young age. I think it’s because as we just started growing, all these emotions we feel suddenly hit us out of nowhere, and it’s so overwhelming that we lose control and have restrain for it yet. so we take it out on.. a lot of our toys haha! I guess we’re born to be little freaks.

What’s your violent tendency as a child?



I probably forgotten every technique of riding bike by now. The bike was a gift from my dad and I barely rode it cause as a kid I usually loved staying indoors (still do). One time my mom took me to the park and I thought “you know what??? I’m gonna learn how to bike today!”

I’ve always been terrible at balancing so biking has never been my strong suit, but I remember that triumphe moment when I finally got it right and was super happy!! I was listening to Adam Lambert though my victory..

..then of course I hit myself against a pole; the comic is a bit of an exaggeration to what actually happened so I wasn’t that badly hurt. But I did fall haha! XD Mom was there to help so I was fine. Hopefully I can ride a bike again.


My Little Mermaid

my little sister.png

I remember the first time I realized I have a baby sister to take care of; it’s always been vivid and unforgettable. I may have drawn her wrong cause she’s..a lot bigger than that as a baby haha! She was quite the heavy watermelon and I loved holding her in my arms when I got a chance to.

She had this bouncy chair for her sit and sleep; anytime that she would cry, I bounced the little chair carefully just her to laugh, sometimes I even put her to sleep and hum to her. Then I would run to my mom, “Mommy, I did it! I put her to sleep!” and she always had this smile on her face.

Those were really good times, and time sure flies fast. I love taking care of my sister while she’s been growing up. Now she’s a teenager and you can imagine it’s been a lot harder to talk to her about school, or getting her to eat; we have our ups and downs like any other family, but no matter what I’ll always be there for her when she needs me even though she can be stubborn. I love my sister forever and always <‘3

Also yeah! My mom named her after Disney’s Little Mermaid. Arielle has been my mother’s favorite disney princess.

Uhm yes I’m hungry.

i'm hungry.png

Not much of a story but I guess you could say I used to get bullied and teased a lot back in my middle and highschool days. I used to be a huge cry baby for a lot of things but otherwise there were just some things that were..really stupid as if bullies didn’t even wanna try hard enough to make fun of you.

This guy, we’ll call David(to avoid using his real name), he was this tall string bean that always tried to find ways to blow my fuse; this was the time we were at a school trip, and we spent our last hours at mcDonald’s. Him and a couple of his friend kept eyeing at me with their laughters and hand gestures, micmicking me eating loads of fries.

I get that there are such things as manners right? But otherwise, yeah, I love eating a lot of fries at once, biiig deal. Score. 😐 Some people are really just bored huh?

Speaking of hungry, I gotta make some food soon!



“Yeah I think you were a really good kid!”

Is what my mom said while I traveled back into the past situations where I had been a little brat. I don’t know what she meant by kid cause as far as I know I was so difficult to deal with hahah!

My grandpa (FUN FACT:in tagalog, we call him “lolo”; grandma is “lola”) used to spoil me all the time and I pretty much took that advantage way too far by eating Mcdonalds. Almost. Every. Single. Day. Especially back in kindergarten when my grandpapi picked me up from school, we always passed by the Mcdonald’s that was really close to our home.

I would start kicking, screaming and crying if they didn’t any while my grandfather oh so patiently tried to drag me away. He’s honestly a very patient man with me, I don’t know how he did it. When we get back home with the paperbag, I’m definitely sure mom was always so displeased, “You need to stop spoiling her!”

But man, he could never say no. I love him and miss him <‘3 also for the rest of the day I won’t be drawing and I got some wad of cash for the fam!… we might eat Mcdonalds.




For someone who grows up in Hong Kong and can’t speak Chinese, and as a filipino who can’t speak tagalog.. It’s interesting to hear people’s ‘astonishment’ on how amazing I am at English; well the truth is I still struggle with it; I mean my vocabulary is not as vast as many people, but suddenly I’m really good at english speaking just cause I’m a minority well okay then.

If people don’t say “your English is good!” and ask “Why?”…I mean it’s not impossible for anyone to be raised watching varieties of english TV shows, and movies and be self-taught from there. And apparently if you’re a filipino speaking English in the country, it’s an insult! Even if you’re comfortable enough to speak english, many pilipinos prefer not to, cause if they do, it shows they’re “not proud enough” being filipino.

There were even incidents where mom and I just casually talked while these chinese residents give us indirect judgemental stares; and my mom doesn’t speak the language, but she can actually understand it, so she would whisper to me “those ladies are snooting at us for speaking english; look they’re even trying to speak english right now!”

Good lord, it’s NOT a contest and since when is it people’s business what language you speak; respect mine and I’ll respect yours jeez.