This is a musical crossover series of Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen! It mostly focuses on the Kleinman Brothers, Tim, Jared and Benji, and their loved ones. This is a project I’ve been working on for a while!

Book 1 tells the story of Timmy’s friendship with Dustin Kropp, they held onto each other for so long until they eventually split. But when a connection like theirs is so strong, they find each other again. Here’s a preview, DO NOT REPOST.






Just a little update that I made a site for anything Kleinman brothers/musicals related, so if you wanna go check them out, you can go HERE!

It includes:
-The comics about them
-never seen sketches
-text scenarios
-the Kleinman summary
-fanart from people
-[COMING SOON] the family tree.

Enjoy!! <:

BEING AUTI || Repetitive


A lot of autistic people have repetitive/ritualistic behaviors, and every one of them has different mannerisms compared to the other. Some repetitive behaviors can be harmless, some can be a little severe that it causes them to hurt themselves (such as scratching at skin). You can see that this is not all of Tim’s behaviors, mostly main ones; some that you have seen him do in the previous comics if you look back.

You can see in panel 4 there’s another hinted mannerism where he tugs his tie too hard at times when he’s very uneasy, he could accidentally choke himself a little which is why Evan makes sure to stop him right away. Some repetition can be considered as stimming depending on the person with autism; something that helps them to relax but that will be explained later in another comic.

BEING AUTI || changes


From our previous comic, autistic people can have trouble dealing with unpredictability, especially when it interrupts their routine. Little changes, that don’t seem like a big deal to others, can really trigger them and any form of reaction is different for everyone.

Tim loves Rich’s rough textured scars, it keeps him relax at time when he traces them with his fingers or pen; and of course the hand holding and cuddles are wonderful! But it doesn’t always work out when Goranski finds comfort in covering his scars in concealer to rid away the past of setting a fire; he has suffered a few PTSD symptoms as a result.

Tim is very understanding of the situation, but seeing Rich with concealer is very unsettling to him; not just cause it’s uncomfortable to touch or it’s helpful with stimming, but because he loves Rich, flaws, scars and all. Eventually though, things will work out so stay tuned!