Who is Hattey?


What is up Mad Beautiful world?!~

My name is Hattey, though in real life people have referred to me as Murielle, or Elle (for love-). I’m born and raised in Hong Kong even though I can’t really speak Chinese, or even speak Tagolog as a filipino…Guess I just have a reputation of being an alien all my life.

I’ve been illustrating stories to life ever since I was 7, and it’s never been just a passion for me, it has grown into a massive obsession. Cartoons such as the old classic era of Cartoonnetwork, Nickelodeon, and Disney have aspired me to create my own whimsical characters as well as narrating chaotic stories; I mostly call them my children, especially cause I do a darn good job taking care of them while also making them suffer to project my own pain (I’m just a sucker for all of it-)

But in all seriousness, I always thought drawing was always doing to be fun, but I’ve learned that our greatest passion will always be the most dreadful. But even so, the stress is what brings me a lot of joy to keep making comics, and in the end it’s worth it. As long as you take care of yourself of course!

I’ve been battling self-doubt and fears to no end because I wanna do everything I can to make art a living; It would be nice to buy myself some neato equipment such as a display tablet, laptop, or even clothes to wear, but most of all I love the idea of traveling from one country to the next. On top of that, mom and I would love to invest a business together; whether it’s a coffee shop that sells comics, creating indie films (alongside my sister as she grows older), or even help to promote an artist in need of recognition.

Another wonderful reason why I’m such a stubborn nutter to make this work, is because of the moment of support I get everyday; not only is it great to hear positive feedback about my art, but when people tell me that I’ve inspired them to draw again? it’s honestly heartwaming, especially when I’m representing a diversity of characters and want to do them justice. I wouldn’t be doing this without such profound support, including my mom who practically pushed me away from getting any job outside haha! I wouldn’t trade anything for the better.

I hope you enjoy your journey through this blog, be prepared to hear about my seriously screwed up, beautiful life!